Sustainable Jacquard Mattress Ticking

Bed Face Fabrics Loyal to Sustainability Principles: Comfort,
Ethical Values and Respect for Nature

Bedrooms are indispensable places of rest and tranquillity, and the quality of bedding greatly influences this experience. Mattress ticking fabrics produced in accordance with sustainability principles aim to meet these needs by combining both comfort and sensitivity to environmental and ethical values. These special fabrics are produced using sustainable raw materials. Recycled materials and materials obtained from organic sources form the basis of these fabrics. This approach contributes to both the conservation of natural resources and the reduction of waste generation. Sustainable mattress ticking fabrics have recyclable and biodegradable properties. This means that the products can be recycled after use, while at the same time minimising environmental impact. These fabrics also meet high standards in terms of comfort and durability. It offers a pleasant experience in your bedroom for many years and protects nature and future generations thanks to its sustainability principles. If you want to furnish your bedroom in a way that is both comfortable and environmentally sensitive, mattress ticking fabrics produced in accordance with sustainability principles can be an excellent choice. These fabrics offer an excellent option for those who adopt both an ethical and environmentally responsible lifestyle.

This series is designed for a sustainable future.

Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of the textile industry of the future. Our products are designed to conserve natural
resources and contribute to a sustainable future by using environmentally friendly materials and production processes.
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