Trust, Quality and Innovation for Your
Mattress Ticking Fabrics

You spend a large part of every day in bed. Therefore, the quality and safety of your bedding fabrics is one of the critical factors affecting your quality of life. This is where the Performance Series comes into play. The Performance Series offers the best option for your bedding fabrics. Equipped with critical features such as safety, durability and water resistance, these products take your bed experience to the next level.

The Performance Series brings together the latest technologies and the highest quality standards in mattress face fabrics. With our three unique products, PyroGuard, FlameDefendX and HydroDeflect, we make your bed experience perfect.


PyroGuard is a product that attracts attention with its fire retardant (FR) feature. FR stands for “Flame Retardant” and means “fire retardant”. Thanks to this technology, when fabrics come into contact with fire or flame, the burning rate is reduced or the flame is helped to extinguish itself. This makes your bedding safer and more fire resistant.


FlameDefendX contains FR yarns and yarns treated with special chemical agents. When these yarns come into contact with fire or flame, they reduce the rate of combustion or help the flame to extinguish itself. Favoured in fire safety applications, this technology is designed for use in a variety of industries.


Superior Protection Against Water and Oil, HydroDeflect contains a finishing process used to impart water and oil repellent properties to fabrics. This prevents liquids from standing on the surface and penetrating into the fabric when the fabrics come into contact with water and oil. The water-repellent finish helps fabrics repel water and keep it collectively on the surface. This feature increases the waterproof ability of your fabrics and provides a water-resistant surface.