Flame Retardant Mattress Ticking

Flame Retardant (FR) Bed Facing Fabrics:
The Meeting Point of Safety and Comfort

Bedrooms are one of the most special places for relaxation and sleep, and the quality of bedding greatly influences this experience. Flame retardant mattress ticking fabrics are textile solutions specially designed to meet your quest for both safety and comfort.
Flame retardant mattress ticking fabrics are produced from specially treated materials. These materials are developed to prevent the spread of flame and minimise the risk of fire. This feature is used to increase safety in the bedroom and offer a worry-free sleep.
These fabrics also meet high standards in terms of comfort and aesthetics. They are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, so you can match the design of your bedroom. Flame retardant mattress ticking fabrics furnish your bedroom safely and stylishly, combining safety and style. The production processes focus on reliability and quality. This ensures that flame retardant mattress ticking fabrics are durable and long-lasting, thus maintaining safety and comfort in the long term. If you want to prioritise your safety and comfort, flame retardant mattress ticking fabrics are an excellent option, combining elegance and comfort while reducing the risk of fire. These fabrics are a reflection of modern life combining safety and comfort, making your bedroom safer and more stylish. Flame retardant mattress ticking fabrics are specially designed to meet high standards of safety and comfort. Some international standards and tests have been taken into account in the production of the fabrics mentioned in this text. These standards; BS 5852 1/2, EN 597 1/2 and Crib 5.

BS 5852 1/2: Flame retardant mattress face fabrics are produced in accordance with BS 5852 1/2 standards. This standard is used to test the fire resistance of indoor furniture. It includes various tests to assess how fabrics and filling materials react to fire. This standard represents high standards in fire safety.

EN 597 1/2: This standard is used to assess the response of indoor furniture to fire. Tests are carried out to determine how quickly furniture upholstery spreads fire and how quickly it starts to burn. Flame retardant bed face fabrics, when manufactured in accordance with EN 597 1/2 standards, can offer fire risk-reducing properties.

Crib 5: Crib 5 is a test method used to test flame retardant properties. This test requires the material not to burn for a specified period of time or to prevent it from spreading while burning. Flame retardant mattress face fabrics that meet Crib 5 standards can help make your mattress safer against fire.


These standards are important for assessing the fire safety reliability and performance of flame retardant mattress ticking fabrics. By complying with these standards, manufacturers make their products safe and of high quality, so that consumers feel safer and have a comfortable sleep experience.